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KNP Financial Services was founded in 2011 and stands for modern and innovative debt collection management with the Primary goal of improving the liquidity of your company.

We serve not only as a collection agency but also as a liaison between your company and your debtors. Our task is to find an amicable solution in cooperation with debtors even in difficult situations. KNP works together with debtors to find practicable solutions as quickly as possible. An example is arranging instalment payments affordable for debtors and, therefore, a reasonable solution for both creditors and debtors. Debtors receive text messages, E-Mails and calls from members of our team. We apply highly-automated processes in the area of long-term monitoring or dubious collection that enable accomplishing particular collection measures at the right time.

Due to its modern infrastructure KNP offers efficient interfaces and processes. Thanks to our proprietary and comprehensive solution, we are able to integrate all interface or data formats for our clients in no time. To define a workflow which would represent the processes of our client’s company is an essential part of our service-oriented approach.

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