Sustainable collection

Very often, the debt collection process is stopped too early, even though the debtor has probably financially recovered and all claims can be enforced for thirty years. We keep the file electronically up-to-date until we are either able to successfully collect the debt or it becomes clear that there is nothing to collect at all. Since the file is kept electronically, it is natural that we do not stop the collection too early, even if it takes thirty years, without charging you any additional costs.

Continuous transparency

Through a 24x7 available online-customer portal the client gets a daily updated overview about the progress in out-of-court collection as well as in judicial collection together with detailed information on lawsuits. The client gets daily reports on received payments in the requested format.

No paper

The entire file is kept electronically. When our clients assign us to start a collection procedure, they transmit all required data of debtors and receivables electronically. All data, collection activities and other documents can be viewed electronically up-to-date on a daily basis. Letters and documents received via post are scanned right away and become available immediately.

No redundancy

The entire collection starting from the first reminder letter to filing a lawsuit by our lawyers is performed within a single, integrated software solution. As the collection process changes from out-of-court to judicial, the client will have the same contact person, bank account and online portal.


Highest quality through automation

No paper | No redundancy | No cumbersome debt capital management